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Monday, September 01, 2008

Death Wish

I’m not a very trusting person anymore. I trust most human beings about as far as I could throw them, which is about one inch. I’m also not getting any younger.

Eleven years ago I paid The Cremation Society of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg money up front, and in full, for cremation services after my death. After my father died in 1995 he was cremated by The Cremation Society of Pennsylvania. And I will also be cremated by them when I die. If they honor our agreement after all these years, that is. I carry a card in my wallet that testifies to that effect. It is also my wish that my ashes be disposed of by The Cremation Society of Pennsylvania and not given to anyone for any reason. The real me, which some people call soul or spirit and which I call life-force, will not be found anywhere among those ashes.

But there is more to this posting than that. I dislike funerals and obituaries and other after-death services and it is my wish that no one hold such services for me or publish my obituary. I think the attention a person receives in life should be enjoyed while he or she is still living.

I take no pleasure whatsoever in writing this blog post but no one would know my wishes unless they somehow discovered my living will somewhere and then it might be too late. And this posting is more for legal purposes than any other purpose and it's meant to be a guide for people in the Snow Shoe area who know me and who might wonder why there is no funeral, funeral service or obituary for me when I'm gone. Plus, I'm not getting any younger and I don't want anyone but The Cremation Society of Pennsylvania to be involved with my death after the medical people are done. That's just the way it is.

I hope my wishes will be respected.

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